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Apieu Sea Buckthorn Cream
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Product Description
Mild – No synthetic fragrance. With natural originated essential oil. EWG Green grade (1~2 grade). A real gentle cream.
Rich vitamin, sea buckthorn – Contains vitamin C that 200 times richer than apple, and 30 times richer than lemon to create clear and clean skin.
5-skin stimulation relief – Calming skin care, forming protective layer, sooth irritants, whitening and anti-wrinkle improvement.
Perfect even moisturizing – Moisture and sticky cream texture helps to apply gently. Without stickiness and greasiness, helps quickly absorb and forming a solid protective barrier.
Sea buckthorn extract 40% – Calming and forming protective layer for sensitive skin.
Camellia oil – Helps to sooth irritating skin.
Niacinamide/ Adenosine – Outstanding effects on whitening skin and anti-wrinkle improvement.
Product Ingredients
Perfection. Actually, it’s my first time to see all EWG green products in cream. (you can easily see it from toner because you don’t have to consider viscosity, moisturizing and consistency in toner at all.) 40% vitamin C rich sea buckthorn ingredient is used as base and they circumvent the use of phenoxyethanol with high contents of 1,2, hexanediol. Our favorite ingredient niacinamide is used as brightening factor, and adenosine is used for anti-aging ingredient. Good thing that is they used cetyl ethylhexonate as emollient (this is where many companies use EWG level 3 or 4 ingredient) and to maintain freshness, methylpropanediol is used instead of denatured alcohol. (Just lovely). Skin repairing panthenol appears relatively early in the ingredient list with moisturizing camellia seed oil. In terms of ingredient, it cannot be better than this.
Capacity / Usage
Capacity: 50ml

How To Use:
Use 1~2 times a day, spread to apply over face. Giving care for sensitive skin.