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Mise En Scene Damage Care Treatment 180ml
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Product Description
For damaged, easily tangled, easily broken hair
A-minute-a-day nutritional treatment for use after shampoo
Supplies nutrition to hair that is dry or has been damaged by perming or hair color
Contains Argan Oil, Royal Jelly and Rose Water
After the shampooing, Remove the water your hands or towel.
Then, put small amount on your palm and spread.
apply this damage care treatment on your hair.
Wait 1 minutes, then wash with warm water 2~3 times.
It makes your hair sleek, smooth, anti tangles and repair your hair damage.
Capacity / Usage
Capacity: 180ml

How To Use:
First, shampoo you hair and apply it over you hair, focusing the tip of your hair. Then leave it for 1~2 minutes and rinse if off.